botox ® Injections

Facial rejuvenation with botox before and after messina esthetics

Botox Injections For Lines and Wrinkles

Botox injections relax small muscles of the upper face and forehead. Contraction of these muscles causes fine lines and wrinkles. When facial muscles contract, a crease is formed in the skin above the contracting muscle. Wrinkles above the nose, forehead, and about the eyes render an older aged appearance.   Botox® prevents these muscles from contracting. Thus, Botox® reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 

Botox when injected into the Masseter muscle can significantly reduce the pain of TMJ. There are many amazing uses for Botox which include a reduction in armpit sweating, migraines, neck bands and even altering lip height correcting a gummy smile.


Amazing uses for Botox !

Gummy Smile
Neck Bands

Botox For TMJ Pain

Pain in the Tempro-mandibular Joint or TMJ is no joke. This joint is utilized for not only chewing but when speaking, therefore any discomfort or restriction in the TMJ is life altering.

The joint is controlled by the Masseter muscle , a strong facial muscle that gives our jaw its strength.

Botox injected into the belly of the masseter muscle will soften the muscle, break spasm and relieve TMJ pain, often long term.

What is Botox®

Botox injections relax muscles by, preventing a nerve from firing. Therefore, Botox renders the muscle flaccid. Thus, Botox® prevents wrinkle formation by relaxing facial muscles.

The ability of Botox® to render muscles flaccid makes the drug a popular treatment for spasticity of muscles which it has been used for since 1980. Dr. Messina is an injection expert, residency trained specifically for neuromodulators like Botox® since 1989. This training plus years of injection experience make Dr. Messina one of Long Islands best injectors.

Botox® had a high margin of safety and the reliable results and improvement in appearance make Botox® the most popular cosmetic treatment to date.(.1)

What are botox units ?

Botox® like any medication is measured in dosages.  Botox® dosing is measured in units as opposed to milligrams. So, what is a unit of Botox?  A unit of Botox or Dysport is simply the dose.

The number of Units required is based on the size of the area being treated, your severity of lines and wrinkles, and sex (men require more Botox). The average number of Botox units is as follows:

Glabellar Complex ( 11 lines)  20u /   Forehead 10-20u / Crow’s Feet 2-10 per side

Enjoy my Youtube video which discusses Botox and Dysport 

Is Botox Safe?

Botox®, a treatment for muscle spasticity since 1979 is safe and effective.  However, coupled with the current use for cosmetic purposes makes Botox the most in demand injectable with billions of doses administered. Botox has a long record of safety.

Facial rejuvenation with botox before and after messina esthetics

Distal spread beyond the injection site is possible with Botox® as stated in the commercials. However, Botox® may spread distally when treating muscle spasm and not during cosmetic purposes.. 

The reason for this spread is dosage for spasm is significantly higher than we use for cosmetic purposes.

Headaches and bruising are the most common side effects of Botox® injections.

What to expect during and after my Botox® injections : long Island

Dr. Messina has over 30 years of injection experience uses ultra- fine needles when injecting your Botox®. In fact, the first time Dr. Messina injected Botox on Long Island was in 1989. However, that time the Botox units were for muscle spasticity. Moreover, Botox breaks muscle spasms.

Using micro-needles significantly reduces any discomfort from Botox® injections. Microneedles remove the need for topical anesthetics. 

Dr. Messina will wipe all areas clean with alcohol and mark the locations where you muscle activity is present and inject small doses specifically suited to your needs.

A Botox® treatment requires less than 10 minutes. Initially the injection sites will be raised slightly but that resolves in under a half hour. Enough time for one to return to work and nobody will notice.

It takes on average three days to notice a reduction of muscle contractions after injection of Botox®, by six days motion is extremely limited with the full effect at fourteen days.

The effects of Botox® will last on average 3 1/2 to 4 months.



Botox® has a long track record for safety and reliability. However, Botox® is not for everyone. Contraindications include:

  • Neurological Condition ( Bells palsy)
  •  Botox allergy
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infection around the injection sites

Botox In men

Men are requesting neuromodulators more than any time before. 

Botox® reduces lines and wrinkles in Men. 

However, men may require a higher dose due to muscle mass.

eleven lines

Botox ® treats the “11” lines above the nose often in a single treatment. However, if the “11” lines are deep several sessions will be required.

forhead lines

Botox ® removes the worry lines of the forhead.  Botox® injections across the forhead will reduce your ability to raise the brow. So, by limiting brow lift the forhead lines and wrinkles are eradicated. 

Crow's feet

Botox® injected along the sides of your orbits will treat the Crow’s feet. Crow’s feet may sound cute however, they significantly age face.

Happy smiles

Botox resolves Prune Chin. When you laugh or turn out you lower lip does your chin prune up? If so, Botox can smooth your chin after a single injection.

Chin Enhancement

Gummy Smile

If your gums show when you smile, you have a gummy smile. A gummy smile is a benign condition; however, the gummy smile reduces self-confidence. Furthermore, persons with a gummy smile are self-conscious about smiling.

neck bands

Botox® injected into neck bands significantly improves the appearance of your neck. These bands of muscles look unsightly.  Botox® flattens these muscles and render a youthful appearance.

migraine Headache

 Botox®  reduces Migraine headaches frequency and severity. Dr. Messina will inject specific areas in order to treat migraine headaches.


Botox® injected into the axilla reduces armpit sweating. Hyperhidrosis is the term for excessive sweating an embarrassing situation. Botox diminishes hyperhidrosis with injection into the area od gland.  Botox may reduce armpit sweating by 80-100% in under two weeks.