THE HOLLYWOOD PEEL Fine Lines, Discoloration , Acne and redness.

The Hollywood Peel for ageless skin rejuvenation

Do you have signs of aging skin? 

 Fine Lines? 

Red and Brown patches?


Or do you simply want a refreshed look.

Then the Hollywood Peel is perfect for you!

Laser Rejuvenation

The Hollywood Peel is a unique laser treatment for facial rejuvenation, Acne, and Melasma control.  Formerly known as the Carbon Sectra peel.  A painless process to diminish fine lines, discoloration, blemishes and facial redness.

The  Lutronic Spectra is the only FDA-approved laser for the Hollywood Peel.

Furthermore, Dr. Messina was the first physician to offer the Hollywood Peel.

The Hollywood and Spectra Peel require Spectra lotion to fill the pores. The laser then targets the spectra lotion, heating it. The heated carbon prepares the skin for rejuvenation. The heated carbon stimulates collagen, and Acne bacteria are killed.

The Q-Switched laser removes the carbon lotion. The exploding carbon removes cellular debris consisting of dead skin cells and oil.

Rejuvenation includes better tone, less redness, and decreased pore size.

step 1 The Carbon spectra Lotion

First,  makeup and oils are removed from the skin using an astringent. 

A layer of Carbon Spectra Lotion is applied and allowed to dry. Thus, filling the pores with carbon and creating a dark target for the laser.

The spectra lasers create a photo-thermal reaction. Therefore, light energy becomes heat energy.

Laser heating of the carbon prepares the skin for step two, stimulating collagen and clearing clogged pores.

Furthermore, the heat from the Spectra begins to harm the P Ance bacteria, which is the cause of most acne.

Instructors: Peter Price, Amber Willis, Samuel White

Step 2 The Q-YAG Laser, Hollywood Peel

Second, While the skin is still warm from the Spectra laser, a second laser is added.

The second laser is a Q-YAG firing at a billionth of a second. The photoacoustic Q-YAG laser removes the now dry carbon. Consequently, the rapid transfer of energy from the laser to the carbon causes the carbon to explode, removing a fine layer of the epidermis.

However, the exploding carbon is not painful.

The carbon removes superficial skin. However, there is no wound or bleeding noted. The spectra laser during the Hollywood Peel removes about 25 angstroms of depth, very similar to a series of chemical peels.

Moreover, the exploding carbon removes debris from the pores and removes dry, dead skin cells—Resulting in beautiful skin with a fantastic sheen.

The Q-YAG laser removling the spectra lotion and clearing pores and dead skin

The Carbon Spectra Peel for Facial rejuvenation and acne

THe Hollywood Peel as well as the Spectra clear all forms of Acne.

Step 3 The Spectra Laser for the Spectra Carbon Peel

Finally, we return to the Spectra Quasi-long-pulse laser. The  Spectra laser stimulates blood flow to the deep dermis. The increase in blood flow and thus oxygen causes rejuvenation along with remodeling of your collagen.

This collagen remodeling is responsible for restoring the integrity of the skin.

The Spectra part of the Hollywood Peel also removes blemishes causing a more even tone, reduces redness and Acne, and renders a healthy glow to your entire face.

Step 4
Beautiful Skin from the Hollywood Peel

A series of four to five sessions  two weeks apart renders the best rejuvenation. 

Carbon Spectra and Hollywood Peels offer:

  • Less Redness
  • Loss of Sunspots
  • Resolution of Acne
  • Pore reduction
  • Shinier Skin


Melasma is a benign skin condition. Abnormal melanin deposits cause the brown patches of Melasma.

This proliferation of melanin causes the affected area to become darker than the surrounding skin, leading to patchy areas.

Several factors are involved in developing Melasma. UV light exposure is a significant factor in developing this pigment disorder.

The areas most exposed to UV light are the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Thus, these are the most common areas for Melasma to appear.

Furthermore, Melasma causes emotional distress and can lower confidence and self-esteem.

Unfortunately,  there is no cure for Melasma, but we can decrease the presence of the pigment and control the spread and intensity of Melasma.

The Soft Peel is a modified version of the spectra peel and reduces Melasma without adding heat. Heat will worsen Melasma, so the soft peel does not use carbon lotion. 

Acne Treatments

The Carbon Spectra Peel, Hollywood Peel, and Laser Genesis V all clear Acne.

P. Acne, a bacteria, causes Acne to develop and grow. 

This P. Acne bacteria invades small sebum pockets, creating tiny red bumps. 

Once these red ” bumps” become infected, a whitehead or “zit” forms. Thus, all Acne begins with a minor infection.

Untreated scars may develop from infected Acne lesions.

These lasers all kill the bacteria and open clogged pores which is the root cause of Acne.

Acne treatments