Cosmetic Medical treatments

Messina Esthetics is a cosmetic medical practice specializing in Aesthetic Medicine. However, many conditions aside from being cosmetic are indeed medical conditions. So in reality, we are offering cosmetic medical treatments.

Patients bothered by frequent flushing of the face, for instance, can have Rosacea, a medical illness with a cosmetic presentation. In contrast, a patient complaining of a purple-tinted nose with multiple vein fragments can be suffering from liver disease.

Alternatively, Acne is a  medical condition caused by abnormal shedding of the skin, hormones, stress, and other medical issues. Therefore, treating the underlying medical condition treats the Acne.

Moreover, a patient complaining of a sudden increase in broken capillaries on the nose may be having hormone issues. Therefore, broken veins on the face, especially the nose, could signify liver disease. Therefore, a review of the hormone levels and liver function is warranted while treating the nose veins. In closing, this is yet another example of a cosmetic medical issue. In other words, a cosmetic concern from a medical cause.

Dr. Messina, a licensed physician since 1987, treats these so conditions as well.cosmetic 

What conditions are cosmetic & medical ?

In my experience, frequently patients come for cosmetic reasons yet, a medical condition is causing the problem.  This is not traditional cosmetic medicine but a subset of medical conditions presenting as cosmetic problems. Therefore, it’s important to look for an underlying medical condition in addition to a cosmetic cause. Finally, a list of medical conditions with cosmetic components that we treat:

Glenn Messina MD

Without a doubt, most medical conditions with cosmetic presentations are benign. However, we must focus on resolving the underlying medical issue and correcting the cosmetic concern.

Moreover, ignoring the medical condition will unquestionably allow it to progress.   Rosacea, for example, if untreated, could begin to affect the eyes plus distort the nose.

Finally, a review of a patient’s social history is also essential. First, do they smoke? What about sunbathing? Do they use quality sunscreen? Second, how much alcohol do they consume? These activities adversely affect the skin, and altering these behaviors is paramount in any rejuvenation program.