Patients Of Color

I always find it remarkable that persons of natural color account for more than half of our population yet we rarely see a laser system, skin care product or anti-aging regimen specifically designed for darker skin complexions. In dermatology we classify them as Fitzpatrick scores of  IV-V-VI based on skin tone, sun tan response , blemishes and genetics.

Patients of color represent a special segment of my patient population and require a very astute physician to offer treatments that yield desirable results avoiding complications that darker skin tones are prone to specifically hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin after a trauma that often is more emotionally disturbing to patients of color than the condition they presented to the office.

Patients of color require very specific lasers that have less absorption of melanin the substance that gives the color to skin. Aside from hyperpigmentation burns, scar formation including kelio   and hypopigmentation , a loss of color are also possible undesirable outcomes.

It is not only laser therapy that must be specifically tailored to patients of color simple Botox , Dysport or Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm Ultra must be carefully administered to avoid creating a pox from the needle insertion.  That is why at Messina Esthetic I only use blunt needles on my patients of color and avoid excess trauma with multiple needle sticks and manipulation.

A popular treatment for rejuvenation is chemical peeling which removed outer layers of the epidermis and at times to the deep dermis can have serious complications in patients of color. Again hyperpigmentation is a risk. It can be avoided or significantly reduced following a plan of skin preparation with topical Retin-A and inhibitors of melanin production such as Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid. I often use the Vi products since they are proven to yield superior results in patients of color yet well tolerated.

There are multiple conditions treated in my office such as Acne , Melasma , Folliculitis Barbie ( black spots seen on the faces of African American patients who shave) are all treated with special care and consideration of each patients needs and risks.

Laser Hair Removal: Messina Esthetic Medicine uses long pulse YAG lasers for their safety and outcome.

Laser Tattoo Removal:  It is imperative when using Q-Switched lasers that are the gold standard fort tattoo removal inpatients of color. The risk of pigment loss is elevated with improper selection of laser and power.

Laser Acne:  Spectra laser is perfect for assisting in the removal of blemishes, Acne and Melasma.

Rejuvenation:  The laser Genesis is an outstanding instrument for facial rejuvenation in patients of color with excellent results in pigment removal and pore reduction. The Genesis is also excellent and when properly administered a safe procedure to remove or reduce redness of the nose and face.