Restylane Kysse Long Island

Restylane Kysse adds volume and color to the lips,  in addition to maintaining  full lip motion. Furthermore, Kysse has become the go to lip filler on Long Island for its consistent results.

Notably , Kysse not only adds volume but moreover, allows for more movement than any other lip filler.

Therefore, a  truly unique dermal filler, which creates an undeniably beautiful lip

what areas can be injected with Kysse?

 Restylane Kysse is currently approved  only for lip augmentation. 

How painful are lip injections?

The lips are essential for testing  texture and temperature. Thus, the lips are full of sensory and motor nerves. If you simply inject the lip you will sense a sharp pinch.

However, Kysse comes pre-filled with Lidocaine , a local anesthetic. Moreover,  lidocaine instantly numbs the lip making the injections less uncomfortable. Ways to numb the lip:

  • BLT Cream
  • Dental Blocks ( complete numbness of the upper and lower lip)
  • Premixed Lidocaine

what makes restylane kysse different?

Kysse is specifically created for lip augmentation. Unlike other dermal fillers Restylane Kysse allows for full lip motion. In addition to  adding volume and color to the lip. Best of all, results last for up to one year. 

Moreover, XpresHAn Technology gives Kysse more flexibility and softness compared to other lip fillers.  Plus,  allows for full lip motion owing to the Xpress backbone. Furthermore,  preservation of lip motion is essential for a natural looking lip, in addition to, fullness and color.


Restylane Kysse
restylane Kysse lips filler before and after

No need to worry about looking over filled or duck like. In the photos above beautiful , natural lips wee created using less than a single syringe.

pain of lip injections

Lidocaine cream, Dental blocks and of course the premixed Lidocaine reduce the pain of lip injections.

what problems can occur?

 Historically, dermal fillers are safe and effective nevertheless, complications do arise. Most notably, bruising and swelling however, rarer  complications include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Infection
  • Occlusion of a vein or artery

contraindications to restylane Kysse?


  • Lidocaine Allergy
  • Anticoagulants
  • Generalized multiple allergies
  • Previous bad reaction
beautiful natural lips after Kysse injections

A beautiful full lip using Kysse a filler that allows full motion of the mouth and a natural feeling lip. long Island patients love Kysse.

Enjoy my video where I discuss Lip Fillers. 

I cover the lip anatomy and why it is important to maintain the natural contour of the lip as well as which fillers are preferred.