restylane Lyft ny

Restylane Lyft , the first and only hyaluronic acid dermal filler FDA approved for both cheek and hand rejuvenation. Notably, a high G Prime gives superior cheek lifting that resists compression. 

Formerly called Perlane-L this filler gives lift and volume to an aged, deflated cheek. Plus, creates fullness and lift to all areas of the cheeks. 

Moreover, Lyft restores volume to the back oh an aged hand. In NY hand rejuvenation is becoming very popular

What makes lyft special?

All dermal fillers have a G prime that prevents them from being compressed. The higher the G prime the less compressible the filler becomes. Restylane Lyft has the highest G prime thus, is superior compared to other cheek fillers.

Moreover, safe for filling the lower face, chin and hands.  Thus, Lyft has become a go to filler in our NY office. Therefore, Lyft is a dermal filler with multiple purposes.

Restylane Lyft for Cheek Augmentation

where can Restylane Lyft be Injected?

This type of dermal filler requires a deep injection providing the fullest and natural looking cheek. 

The Zygomatic arch or cheek bone serves as a base for Lyft. Thus, using the bone as a footing, lyft towers upward. Therefore, lifting a depressed cheek. It is the depth of injection that creates the non-lumpy look.

Moreover, Restylane Lyft fills moderate and deep wrinkles and folds of the Nasolabial area, Marionette lines , chin and finally, the hands.

Restylane lyft areas

how long does restylane lyft last?

The gel thickness gives Lyft longevity.  Furthermore, the immobile cheekbone slows the natural breakdown of the hyaluronic acid.

In other words, we can expect the results to last over a year.

what are the risks?

There are risks associated with Restylane Lyft injections just like any other injectable.

However, hyaluronidase can easily dissolve this dermal filler. Therefore, dissolvability markedly reduces risks.  Moreover, common risks are bruising and bleeding. 

Of course, allergies can occur however rare.