Spider Veins

Spider Vein Removal Long Island

Small red and blue veins that appear on the lower leg and thighs are known as spider veins. Although, spider veins are of no danger to your health, they do affect your appearance. Fortunately, we have several treatments available to remove these unsightly spider veins permanently and painlessly. Undeniably, Sclerotherapy and vascular Lasers resolve unsightly veins in a few sessions.

These are different from Angiomas which are thick tufts of vascular tissue.

spider veins

Spider Veins After Pregnancy

Sometimes spider veins appear after pregnancy. This is due to increased pressure in the veins causing blood to flow backwards. Thus, this backflow causes dilation of the small thin veins of the skin.  If untreated eventually varicose veins will develop. 

Common causes of spider veins & Varicose Veins

The veinous system in the leg is a network of both large and small vessels. This network subdivides into moderate veins called the reticulars and superficial thin veins called venioules. Thus, these small veins become spider veins.

Interestingly, veins have valves that help aid in their delivering blood to the heart. 

In time the valves weaken by age and by pressure in the system causing them to leak. Therefore, the back leakage of blood overfills the deeper veins which in turn, over fills the smaller veins. In time, the back flow will distend the deeper veins creating varicose veins.

Stages of chronic vascular disease explained

  1. Spider Veins: These are the first stages of chronic Venous Disease. These small red or purple veins are easily treatable with lasers or sclerotherapy using Asclera.

  1. Varicose veins are thicker than the spider veins, at times they are compressible and appear lumpy. The development of varicose veins means there is a problem in the deeper larger veins of the legs. However, varicose veins in general require surgery to correct.
  2. Leg Swelling: In time the back flow of blood will cause the leg to swell, moreover a sign that the lower leg is being deprived of oxygen. The decrease in oxygen and stagnant blood will cause color changes in the lower legs.
  3. Venous Ulcer Formation: Eventually, the chronic lack of oxygen to the tissues coupled with stagnant blood cause ulcers to form. The development of ulcers calls for immediate intervention and correction of the chronic venous disease.
asclera sclerotherapy for spider veins

spider vein treatments

Sclerotherapy ( Asclera)

Sclerotherapy is the injection of an agent that iritates the vein thus, sealing it closed. A popular sclerosing agent for sclerotherapy is Asclera.  Previonjections consisted of highly concentrated saline. While, that worked well in sealing veins it was unforgiving to the skin.  However, Asclera seals the veins and yet much safer on the skin.

Moreover, sclerotherapy is painless and long lasting. Unfortunately, not all varicose veins are resolved by sclerotherapy. The photograph above is a demonstration of Asclera being injected clearing the vein and beginning the sclerosing phase.

It must be noted more than one session is required to seal a varicose vein. The average patient requires between two to five sessions.  Plus each session must be a month apart.

Normally the legs are cleaned with alchol and marked with the patient standing. 

The injections of Asclera are in tuberculine  syringes with a small , very fine needle and inserted into the lumen or hollow of the spider vein or varicose vein. The sclerotherapy agent is then slowly and gently injected. As the Asclera is injected the  vein disappears and returns a few minutes later but now red and irritated. Of course, sclerotherapy in not appropriate for large Varicose Veins.

It is important to wear a compression stocking for several weeks after the injection to aid in keeping the spider vein closed.

Vascular Lasers

Lasers, specifically the Long Pulse YAG are excellent in closing veins. Modern vascular lasers seal veins however, instead of irritating the vein they close the vein with heat.

If you are afraid of needles, then laser therapy for your unsightly veins is the perfect option foy you.

What’s more, laser therapy does not require and injections nor the use of a compression stocking. However, multiple sessions are still required to seal most dilated veins.

varicose veins

Large varicose veins

Unfortunately, not all varicose veins are treatable using sclerotherapy or external lasers. Severe varicose veins, as seen on the left have created stasis dermatitis. This discoloration in the ankle will subsequently form an ulcer if untreated.

Moreover, these veins represent a problem deep in the leg and require surgery.


Sclerotherapy Contraindications

Whereas, Sclerotherapy using Asclera represents a great improvement over older therapies. Unfortunately, the treatment is not for everyone. some contraindications are:

  • Allergy to Asclera
  • Diabetes type I
  • Infections in the area
  • Severe Varicose veins
  • Ulcer formation