Dr. Glenn Messina

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What a great experience with Dr. Messina no only he is such a nice person but also very knowledgeable . I had fillers in my cheek today I don't have any bruise or pain. I'm beyond happy with the results.
C. Salas
Messina Esthetic Review
I personally received both filler and Botox from Dr. Messina. I did my research before I made my appointment. It was important to me that he was an MD and when I discussed his experience and training with me I was blown away. As a licensed professional (I am an Attorney) it is important that the person who puts filler and botox into my face be fully trained and licensed as a physician and not anything less. I was so pleasantly surprised at the time he took with me; and the level of personal attention and care he gave to each of our sessions was very comforting. He is different than any other MD that I have ever let examine me. I cant say enough about the results too!!! He is the very best of the best and I am so happy with his work that I am putting my vanity and privacy aside to publicly state that I received both filler injections and botox from Messina Esthetic (Dr. Glen Messina himself does all the work!) and I am thrilled with the results; the price and the experience. Bryan L. Salamone, Esq.
Messina esthetic review
Bryan Salamone
I was most impressed by his professionalism , the way he discussed everything to us and never made any remark making my daughter feel foolish or judged her. The process was not bad, he gave her a novacaine shot so it didn't hurt and things are moving along very well. We love him and I believe anybody will. No mistakes in choosing him as your doctor.
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Linda Sherwood
review of Dr. Glenn Messina
I went to Dr. Messina for laser tattoo removal. I didnt know it was a medical thing and he took the time to explain not only why but how sometimes a lasered tattoo needs extra care. Love him, he is kind and answers all your questions plus knows his stuff.

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