The Vi Peel Long Island

refresh and restore with the vi peel

The Vi family of chemical peels is the most popular peel on Long Island. Vi has several peels, each with a special formulation to target a specific skin condition.

Vi is perfect for rejuvenation, wrinkle and fine line reduction. Precision is a stringer formulation with better dark spot and sun spot removal.

Vi precision plus is even stronger therefore, renders even better results. While Purify is the perfect peel targeting Acne.

Do you want to freshen up dry, flaking or pigmented skin on your nose, forhead, cheeks and lower face yet, dont want needles or lasers. Then the Vi Peel from the Vitality Institute is perfect for you.

The Vi Peel is a specially formulated chemical peel blending the best parts of several peels into one fabulous peel. Plus, the Vi Peel is safe for all skin tones.

Vi Presision Peel

What is a Vi Peel

Over a decade ago, Dr. Khalil, a dermatologist, sought the perfect peel to treat his daughter’s Acne. Given her being a person of color, the goal was to create a safe and effective peel.

The Precision Peel is perfect for Long Island and the skin conditions we develop from our climate.

The Vi Peel grew out of several formulations, the best and most practical combination of previously used peels in specific concentrations.

Thus, the Vi Peel is a mixture of Glycolic Acid, Phenol, and Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Retin-A.

Remarkably, this mixture causes outstanding restoration and rejuvenation of the facial skin. The Vi Peel corrects dry skin, blemishes, and Acne. 

However, most want to enjoy the rejuvenation and improved tone.

What is the process ?

The Vi Peel comes as a kit which not only gives you instructions but supplies such as soothing cream and sun block.  First, before your peel do not use any products such as Retin-A and other exfoliants for several days. Hydration is important so have pleanty of fluids before your treatment.

  •  All makeup will be removed and a swab of medical grade Acetone will gently remove skin oils.
  • The vial opened and poured into a dose cup, some peels will have addinional products added such as with the precision peels.
  • Using a sterile pad the peel will be wiped over your face, in general three to four full sweeps are required with the lower eyes as a single final sweep.
  • Initially, the peel stings but after 20 seconds any discomfort is gone.
  • Over the next four hours you will wear the peel then wash it off using the supplied soap followed by your first Retin-A pad. 
  • That evening you wash again and apply the second Retin-A pad.
  • During the day the use of the steroid cream and moreover, the Sunblock is recommended.
  • On the second night your use the final Retin-A pad
  • On the third day peeling occurs about the lower face, followed by the cheek and forehead. Finally, by day six all the areas would have peeled rendering a beautiful skin
  • It is very important to use only the supplied products during that week and to avoid sun exposure.
Vi peel for tone

Types of Vi Peels

The Vi Peel family has several different peels each targeting a specific skin condition.

Therefore, you can pick a peel targeting Acne, or Blemishes. Plus, you have the choice of a simple peel just for mild rejuvenation.

 All three Vi Peels are suited for Long Island skin conditions. Therefore, you can tailor your peel to fit your skin type.

The standard peel

A perfect chemical peel that is excellent for anti-aging, pore reduction, and rejuvenation. The Vi will reduce fine lines and even out mild pigment issues.

The Vi Precision peel

The most popular peel on Long Island  is the Vi Precision because it treats our common skin conditions

The Vi precision peel is 20% stronger than the standard chemical peel; thus, more potent anti-aging, pigment removal, blemishes, and sun damage. Plus, the Vi precision can rejuvenate other areas of the body.


Vi Purify

This chemical peel by Vi is specifically formulated to treat Acne. Vi Purify is specially formulated to treat Acne of all types.

The combination of Retin-A and Benzoyl Peroxide makes the Vi Purify the perfect peel to treat Acne.

Plus, Vi Purify reduces skin oil and kills the bacteria that cause Acne.